Comparisons and Benchmarks


Do you have a website that you plan on keeping for a while?
You might not think about it but hosting a simple website can cost you $1000’s in the long run.

Here is a cost comparison of a few popular basic hosting services against the MicroWebPi.

With these basic hosting plans, your site will share a server with hundreds of other websites. When there is an increase in traffic to the other sites, it will drag your site down as well.

SquareSpace charges more than double if you want to sell products on your site.

Bluehost and others will throttle your site if you have too much traffic. Many other hosts like Siteground say their basic plan is suitable for only 5000 page views per month. The MicroWebPi can easily handle 10,000 page views in an hour.

The MicroWebPi is a dedicated server that can provide you more control, better performance and massively reduced costs, especially if you have multiple sites.


Many factors affect website performance, below is a summary of optimizations that were made to get this site to load in the 400 ms range.

That is better than 97% of all websites that have been tested using Pingdoms website speed tool at

Having a sufficient upload speed, enabling caching and optimizing image sizes is crucial for good website performance.

Stress Testing

A stress test of is shown below with 50 concurrent users producing 422 page views in 123 seconds.
All urls are successfully loaded and the response time remains relatively flat throughout the test which indicates server stability.
There is a peak request rate of 220 requests per second, that’s over 25,000 page views an hour.




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