Installation Requirements

Requirements to get your website LIVE on the internet.

If you want to be able to access your MicroWebPi’s websites from the entire internet using a normal domain name you’ll have to make sure your home network meets a few requirements:

Incoming traffic on TCP port 80 must not be blocked by your internet service provider.

-If this port is blocked you will not be able to access your site outside your local network without typing a non-standard port in the browser ie. Hostyourownwebsite.com:81.
-Port redirection and masking are other options but can result in a poor user experience so it is not currently supported by the automatic installer.

Incoming traffic on TCP port 443 must not be blocked by your internet service provider if you would like to encrypt your traffic.

– Encryption is highly recommended for sites that process sensitive data like online stores.
– If port 80 is blocked but port 443 is not, the automatic SSL certificate installer/renewer will not work. Other means of certificate installation are possible but not currently supported by the automatic installer.

Your internet upload speed is sufficient to handle your estimated traffic.

-Part of your website’s speed and ability to serve multiple users at the same time is dependent on the upload speed of its internet connection.
-Reduce the load on your network by keeping your web page size small and by using a Content Delivery Network.
-Check Comparisons and Benchmarks to see the performance gains from going from 5 mbps to 50 mbps on this website.

-It’s important to note that for many internet service providers, hosting a website on residential service is against their terms of service. If you develop significant traffic your ISP could notice the increase in upload data usage and scold you over it.

To find out if your ports are blocked you can:

If you don’t know what these things mean then please check out: What is a web server and how the Internet works.

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