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Introducing the MicroWebPi

Introducing the MicroWebPi

Its a super affordable website server! Plug it in at your home or business and build and host numerous websites.

Powered by, the web’s most popular website builder, so you can build your site easily without code.

See Detailed Specifications in the StoreWhats a WordPress web server and how does the internet Work?

Powered by the same tech as some of the worlds most popular websites

Raspberry Pi       NGINX MariaDB  PHP 7    WordPress

This combination, known as a LEMP stack, is one of the most stable, efficient and powerful web server software suites.

Learn more about the Tech

Optimized for speed, security and easy installation

The MicroWebPi installer makes installation easy for 1 or more websites.

SSL certificate installation and auto-renew through Let’s Encrypt.

Recurring website backups to external drives.

Dynamic DNS updating through

RAM based NGINX caching for faster webpage loads.

Website down monitoring with fallback protection.

Free installation technical support.

Free custom domain names are also available

Detailed installation instructions

Wait... A Raspberry Pi Powered Web Server?

The Model 3B + is faster than many traditional servrivate server you wont have to share server resources with anyone else.

The MicroWebPi 3B+ hosts this site and it loads in 480 ms. It is capable of serving over 10,000 page loads per hour.

The MicroWebPi is perfect for

Personal projects



Small business

Learning about web development and optimization.

and saving $$$$ in the long run.

Comparisons and Benchmarks
Wait... A Raspberry Pi Powered Web Server?

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